Factors to Consider When Buying Toilet Paper

Since its inception, this product has remained largely the same: a roll of soft paper. However, thanks to several modifications, there is now a variety of toilet paper sub-types, each having a unique set of attributes. As such, what you seek from toilet paper should determine what you use.

Consider the following factors when looking for toilet paper.


Different types of toilet papers have different levels of strength, which is the measure of a toilet paper’s resistance to puncturing. You can determine the strength of a toilet paper by simply touching or pressing it. Obviously, you want one that does not puncture easily.

Number of Plies

Plies refer to the separate layers of paper in a sheet of toilet paper. These are what determine the thickness of a toilet paper. Some toilet papers have only one-ply, while others can have up to six. Most, however, have two plies. The more plies a toilet paper has, the stronger it is.

Chlorine Content

In the past, most toilet papers contained a significant amount of chlorine in their composition, as it was the primary agent used to bleach paper. However, studies revealed that chlorine had a detrimental effect on the environment, as it caused severe pollution in both air and water. Additionally, chlorine has damaging effects on the skin.

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