oilet Paper Manufacturing

The toilet paper manufacturing business has been reported as being one of the fastest growing manufacturing industries in South Africa today. The local tissue paper manufacturing plants (jumbo rolls) are doubling and trebling their production to keep up with demand. A proven winner time and time again.


Raw materials

The process of manufacturing toilet paper is basically a very simple process that consists of the following:

Paper (parent or Jumbo rolls):

There are numerous paper mills in South Africa that are able to supply your needs. In fact there are a number of new mills being established at present, which will contribute to this becoming a buyer's market in terms of jumbo rolls. Please note that there are two different types of paper available, namely virgin and recycled.


It is recommended that you seriously consider your own core machine as part of the plant to ensure consistent quality and for a significant cost saving in cores.

Packaging (plastic bags, in various pack sizes):

All bags are easily sourced from plastic bag manufacturers. One of the many advantages to this type of business is the low number of stock items that makes stock taking and reconciliation a very easy process, and thus makes the administrative process very manageable. Different packing configurations are commonly used: Individually wrapped - 6's, 10's, 48's.

Types of Machinery

You will need to buy or rent the necessary equipment with the finances you have. Some of the machinery that you need to get going with your toilet paper business is:

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