How to Buy the Best Toilet Paper

Ever since the inception of the basic toilet paper in China, different forms and varieties have been created since then. While differences between them can be subtle, there are certain attributes and qualities that are associated with them, which is what makes each of them special in their own way.

When it comes to buying the right kind of toilet paper for daily use, many people prefer choosing texture over strength, while others may prioritize the way that the toilet paper is made.

Here is a clear guide that will help you choose and buy the best toilet paper for regular use. It includes some key features that you should consider when buying toilet paper.


This is mainly described as the puncture resistance of the toilet paper. You can easily tell if the paper is hard by touching it. While there are many different types of toilet paper, not all of them have the same strength levels.


You must have often noticed that some toilet paper rolls contain numerous separate layers of paper. These layers are called plies, and their amount differs in different varieties of toilet paper. For instance, there are toilet papers with only a single layer, and there are also those that contain up to 6 layers of paper! The plies also determine the thickness and strength of the toilet paper.

Chlorine Content

A majority of the toilet paper that was manufactured initially contained chlorine, which primarily served the purpose of bleaching the paper. However, soon enough, chlorine-free toilet paper also started being produced because chlorine has many environmental concerns associated with it. It can severely pollute water and air. So, when buying toilet paper, you must ensure that it is absolutely chlorine-free. Another reason why you don't want chlorine in your toilet paper is that chlorine can possibly cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin.


There are some types of toilet paper that feel incredibly soft to the touch and can be described as super silky. But there are also other types of toilet paper that are really rough on the skin. Interestingly, there are people who prefer the latter type of toilet paper. While it all depends on personal preferences, you can check the toilet paper you buy for softness by either touching it or rubbing it against your skin.

Green Factor

Many toilet paper companies are trying to be ‘green' by producing the kind of toilet paper that is most environmentally friendly. The prime example of this is recycled toilet paper. This type is made with the help of recycled products, which means that it causes the least amount of environmental damage.

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