Toilet Paper Uses

 Facial tissue

Cleaning up after your dog

 Wrapping (aka a house

 Making paper flowers

 Baby shower party games – how many squares is needed to wrap around mommy’s tummy?

 Decoration for your bathroom – you know, the decorated t.p.

 Measuring – a typical square is 4.5 inches, run with it

 Stuff your bra…or if you’re a man, stuff other places

 Artwork – I’m not kidding, look at this

 Killing/cleaning up bugs

 Make a mummy costume

 Cover the toilet seat

 Covering razor nicks

 Make a temporary bandage

Stuff in your shoes

Removing make-up

 Spit out your gum

 Get dog poop off your shoe

 Make spit wads…if you’re a 12 year old boy, that is

 Coffee filter

 Toy to keep your child busy

 Toy to keep your cat busy

Streamer decoration for a party

 Wrap a gag gift

 Put in a window or door to stop a draft

Any restaurateur knows that it's important to sweat the details—from the kitchen layout to the dining room touches and of course the menu. But what about your restrooms?

If considering types of toilet paper and dispensers is lower on you priority list, think again. A recent survey revealed that most people will shell out more at a restaurant with a tidy restroom.

One way to keep yours sparkling clean is with an appropriate toilet paper dispenser. It may seem a little silly, but choosing the right design and type of paper could make a difference in the customer experience you offer.

Here's a quick guide to help you give thought to what works best for your restaurant.

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